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Since childhood Bridget McCrum has been excited by ancient remains, fragments of carving and standing stones in lonely landscapes. Her travels have taken her to many sites from different cultures around the Mediterranean, and the chance to work on archaeological surveys in Somalia during the early eighties increased her interest in small objects from the past.


The landscape around Bridget McCrum's two homes has inevitably worked itself into her head. The gentle curves of the hills of South Devon and the stark limestone cliffs carved by wind and sea on Gozo, have all subconsciously influenced her carving.

Bridget McCrum's work is a fusion of the ancient and modern, from her studio set high above the Dart Estuary, she continues to draw every day. The studio is a perfect point to look down on birds circling and gliding above their prey, they make marvelously abstracted subjects and she has carved them ever since she has been there. 

Patination of Crescent Birds
Salt Sculptures
Studio view
Algerian Sheep
Upcoming Documentary
Salt Sculptures
Artist Sketches.
Garden installation.
Ancient Objects
Early works
Artist Sketches
Maquette Making
Mythical Horses
Ancient artefacts of inspiration.
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